Average gross monthly salary in Poland is 4,047 PLN

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Description of job position

  • Reading technical documentation.
  • Mounting machinery units and/or their parts according to technical documentation.
  • Testing the functionality of machine units and/or their parts after assembly.
  • Removing detected anomalies.
  • Handing over machine units and/or their parts after assembly.

Position Fitter/Assembler - Mechanical Engineering in the labour market

The job position is
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Women representation in position

Average age of respondent by position

152. place


Service Industries

Salary group 1

300 PLN

106. place

Procurement specialist


Salary group 2

3,981 PLN

105. place


Mechanical Engineering

Salary group 2

4,047 PLN

104. place


Marketing, Advertising, PR

Salary group 2

4,056 PLN

1. place

Managing Director

Top Management

Salary group 3

19,150 PLN